Make the Most of College Visits

Make the Most of College Visits

By Carolyn Johnson, Ed.D.
College visits can be a great opportunity for high school students and their families to learn more about potential colleges and get a feel for different kinds of campuses.

Here are some tips for optimizing college visits:

1. Plan ahead: Before visiting a college, research the school online and create a list of questions you want to ask during your visit. Make sure you schedule your visit in advance and confirm any appointments or tours. Be sure to sign in with admissions so they have a record of your visit — many colleges consider demonstrated interest in their decision-making. Look up the admissions representative for your region and try to connect with them when you are on

2. Attend information sessions: Most colleges offer information sessions for prospective students. Attend these sessions to learn more about the school’s
academic programs, campus life, and admissions process.

3. Take a campus tour: Take a guided tour of the campus to get a feel for the campus culture, facilities, and dorms. Ask your tour guide questions and take
notes. If possible, try a meal or snack in the dining hall.

4. Meet with faculty if possible: Schedule a meeting with a professor or academic advisor in your field of interest to learn more about the program and ask
questions. For D3 schools, reach out to coaches if interested.

5. Explore the surrounding area: Take some time to explore the surrounding area and see what the local community has to offer. This can give you a better sense of what it might be like to live there. Ask students what they do for fun on the weekends.

6. Take notes, and photos: Make sure to take notes during your visit and take photos and videos of the campus. This will help you remember important details when it comes time to make your decision.

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