College Selection

What’s the best fit for you?

In a sea of over 2800 prospective colleges and universities, NSCA helps you not only survive, but also thrive in the college process. We help you select the appropriate colleges to apply to, strategically plan when to take ACTs or SATs, college visits, write essays that jump from a large pile of applicants, and apply for financial aid and scholarships.

In meetings with students and/or parents, we:

  • Discuss the student’s aspirations, gifts and needs
  • Assess the admissions chances at varied colleges
  • Balance dreams and practical considerations
  • Together, we develop a long, and then short list of target, reach and safety schools
  • Assist with strategies for Early Action, Early Decision I or II, or Regular Decision
  • Plan a timeline for the application process
  • Assist with interview requests and preparation
  • Assist with the Common Application
  • Assist with discernment, waitlist strategies, appeals